Sunday, May 18, 2014


I have to share something really cool that God did on Monday. All weekend the forecast showed crazy thunderstorms starting at noon in Monday. Even Monday morning showed the rain on it's way and it was sprinkling when I went out for my morning walk. The problem with all this was I was supposed to do engagement pictures at 6 that day and it was the ONLY evening we could find that meshed with this couples' schedule for several weeks....and they get married June 14 so we were limited. I told them I was praying it wouldn't rain and we chose not to reschedule unless it was raining at 6pm...
In the mean time, that morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the verse in James 5:17 how Elijah was human just like me and he prayed it wouldn't rain and it didn' I'm not saying this is a magical or manipulative way to make God control the weather, but I know God gave me that verse to give me the faith that he could and would hold off the rain. So I arrived for Sheri and Jacks pictures and the sky was definitely holding the rain. GOD held the rain and the crazy strong winds literally until our last picture....I did not make it back to my car before the sky grew mean and the wind went crazy. And then the rain came within minutes....the craziest storm we've had this season, held off by our great God in heaven that heard the prayer of another human just like Elijah and chose to show his sovereignty in granting my request. Do I believe he arranged the whole day partially because of how I prayed and sought him!? YES! I really do. God is not a genie...but he hears and cares about and answers the prayers of his children according to his own perfect plan. 

God's ways are perfect! EVEN if it had rained .

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