Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Do you take the time to BE STILL with God on a daily basis? Some of the worst advice I've ever been given (and this was even from a well-respected woman in one of my past churches) went something like "your kids are little, you are too tired right now, and it's ok...God understands." REALLY!? DOES HE!? Because if I am totally head-over-heels in love with my God is that even gonna be ok with ME for me to miss a day with him!? Or make that miss a few years with him!? The answer would be negative! I'm not talking legalism here, I'm talking about how when I am emotionally attached to and in LOVE with My God I CRAVE TIME WITH HIM LIKE CRAZY! My alarm goes off EVERY day at 5:51am...sometimes I am able to get right up, sometimes I'm pretty dog-gone tired and drift back off...But I'm telling you I DESPERATELY CRAVE this time alone with God every morning before my kids wake up. And if I miss it, I feel a GIANT God-sized hole in my heart and I'm honestly pretty sad I missed out on my moments of quietness with my Heavenly Father. God has grown in me sooo much that I honestly crave him and his word more than I crave sleep. His word is like a breath of fresh air every morning. It makes my heart smile to spend time with him. He loves me. I am his creation. And I love him <3.

Whether you're old or young, with or without kids, married or single...I want to challenge you to find a time slot every day where you can be quiet. be still. and focus on your creator. Do this day after day after day...whether you feel like it or not. Ask God to change you. Ask him to make you crave him more. Ask him for more time with him. Ask him to teach you through his Holy Spirit! Listening to sermons on the radio, podcast, or internet while you're working out or cleaning house or riding in the car is NO SUBSTITUTE for sitting down to be still with God....just you and Him. There's just something about the connection when you're still and seeking him with all your heart.

I am not boasting or bragging in anything except for what God has done in my life. I want SO BAD for you to experience what I have found. But it's up to you. Read God's Word - and Live it out! READY. SET. GO!

Check out this short video by Lisa Chan (Francis Chan's wife). So inspiring!

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