Sunday, March 1, 2015


My little man's room is finished! We have decluttered several items, and while I still think he may have too much, it is HIS stuff and so he gets a say it what stays and goes. He has really been very cooperative in the purging process and I am VERY, VERY proud of him :). I think it's really important to work with your children in this area and not just overhaul everything that's theirs without their consent (as tempting as it is to just throw it all away at times ;) . It would break my heart to accidentally throw away some treasures. After all, it's taken me 34 years to get to the point where I am at now...this is a process that each person will arrive at on there own terms in their own timing. It's not fair for me to rush him into this with removing things he feels really attached to. All that being said now, He knows if I keep finding items on the floor, I am allowed to assume he doesn't want them any more and get rid of them. We gave each item it's own home. A place for everything. I also like to keep his blocks, legos, and train set up in the top of his closet so that he has to ask for them. Only one of those items is allowed out at a time because they are so messy with so many little pieces. This has worked out really well. This is something I implemented a month or two ago.

So here's a peek at the decluttered, minimized, organized bedroom! (we just moved around his furniture today at his request so the decor doesn't match up to well.)

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