Friday, March 13, 2015


As I was folding laundry today, and I spotted a pile of clutter on the folding table in the laundry room. I started thinking...thinking about how good it would feel if that pile was gone. Either put away if that pile contained something I love. Or gone out of my house if it doesn't  enhance my life (or somebody else's in my family). Piles tend to zap my energy and I'm making great progress at getting rid of them, but I am not done yet. So then I had another thought which will help me continue this purging process...make a list of the things I MUST HAVE/DO in my life. Both the necessities and the things that bring me joy. Then...Any thing, activity, item that takes away from my vision needs to be removed from my house/life. So I've STARTED a list...and here are the MUST HAVES in my life...

quiet time with God in the morning
fun times with my husband and kids
discipling my kids/teaching them what it means to follow God..both in lifestyle and in Bible lessons/talks
get together with friends and their families
pay bills 
make healthy meals and eat as a family
down time to chill
open spaces/no clutter

So knowing the above... I can continue my adventure to minimalize and weed out what I don't need. I can use that list to ask "does this item help me accomplish or enhance any of my priorities on my list?" and if it doesn't, OUT IT GOES. Because having less stuff to take care of frees me up to live the life I was born to live...without regrets.

How about you? What really matters to you? And what is standing between you and accomplishing your priorities?

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