Saturday, November 14, 2015

Haiti (part 3)...take off to arrival...

Traveling to DFW to MIA to PAP was such an exciting time! The kids, especially, were in great anticipation to ride an airplane and go find some friends in a new place. Other than some rain while driving the trip went smoothly. Oh ya, we DID have a 2am fire alarm in our hotel haha! It was the quietest, politest fire alarm we have ever heard! A soft voice came over an intercom (that was ONLY in the hall ways and could barely be heard in the rooms) and said "there is a fire in the building. Please exit..." We weren't very fast exiters as we packed up our stuff in case we couldn't get back or it burned because we NEEDED it for haiti ha! We were first floor and had the window if necessary anyway ;). It ended up being nothing...other than maybe an attempt from the enemy to sleep deprive us early ;).

As we took off from miami to port au prince, the craziness of what was ahead hit me. There was no turning back now...was going through my thoughts...along with i hope this week isn't too stressful with 3 kids in a foreign country! :D

Here are a few of our travel pics!

We LOVE our Eula :). This is at the hotel the night
 before we are supposed to take off for Haiti!


There's more than one direction to sleep on a bed!

 This tired momma asked andi rae to hang it up! LOL! 
Out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a phone! :D

 Waiting for daddy to park the car and come find us in the airport.

ahhh these little munchkins kill me with their cuteness!

 Tired girl...

Excited to fly!

 God reveals his glory in his creation!

 Sooooo thankful for Eula to help us with the kiddos! 
Natalie was testing Eula's energy lol!

She's such a ham! 
Keeps us laughing.

 ...crashing again ;D

 ARRIVED IN Port Au Prince, Haiti!
Time to get out the leashes to keep our kiddos close
through potential airport chaos. Thank you Tammy! :D
(We had 7 bags for 3 adults to carry thanks to your donations, PLUS the kids had their own suitcases and backpacks!)

Stay tuned for more of our story! :D

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