Tuesday, November 3, 2015


A year and a half ago, I sat observing my children and their behaviors and realized I wanted to do something drastic to help rein in what really matters in life. God matters. People matter. Eternity matters. Our connection with God above all else matters. Toys, possessions, materialism, accumulation of stuff, keeping up with the Joneses does not matter in the end. Having things is not wrong. But living for them is. God expects us to use whatever he has given us to love him, love people, and further his kingdom. And to hold things loosely. Even at their young ages of 2, 5, & 6...i could see a sense of materialism and entitlement that needed to be addressed. So I started searching for a way to introduce them to a drasticly different culture to prove to them that we can be satisfied in Jesus regardless of our environment and possessions. Enter Hands and Feet Project in Haiti! We had known about this Childrens village (orphange) for some time since it was started back in 2001 by Drew's favorite Christian band, Audio Adrenaline. I decided to email them and see what their minimum age was for missions trips. Other groups we had talked with could not allow small children due to the nature of the work being done those weeks. I quickly received a reply saying there is no minimum and we were welcome to bring our small family! GOD IS GOOD!!!! He gives us the desires of our hearts (psalm 37:4). so we set a date for a year and a half later, Oct 24-31, 2015...we would embarq on the journey of a life time for our small children who would be 4, 6, 8 when that time arrived.

We had 1.5 years for this one income, pay check to pay check family to raise $7500. this was a God-sized task. But if he wanted us to go, we would go.

I showed the kids the above  video...and Andi Rae's words were: "Oh mommy! those kids are so happy and they don't even have a lot of toys! I want to  sell all my toys and go be their friend!" Ok, Andi Rae...here we go!

to be continued...

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