Thursday, November 5, 2015


Because of another missions trip Drew was involved in summer 2014, and to avoid confusion on which october we were going, we opted to wait until November 2014 to start fund raising. God provided enough to purchase our passports in just about at month...Then between January and May, God provided the $7200 my family needed to be fully funded for Haiti! When I saw that God was providing more than enough and well before we needed it, I contacted our friend Eula, who had been to Haiti many times before, to see if she wanted to join our family on this trip. Of course she said yes and God provided the funds for her before they were even due as well! God is soooo good and his resources to accomplish his plans are limitless!

A couple weeks before we were scheduled to fly out to Hands & Feet in Haiti, some of the missionaries emailed me asking if we could help with various donations and supplies that were needed. Passionate about giving what we can, we jumped right on it. Once again, God came through in amazing ways through CHA in here in small town texas. In less than a week we had almost more donations than we could physically get over to Haiti. Clothing and over 100 pair of shoes plus 30+ puzzle books and candy for Christmas presents for God's children in Haiti. Problem was we had no luggage to get these donations there (minor detail I hadn't thought about haha!;). And again, GOD KNEW :). And through His people, he provided MORE THAN ENOUGH luggage to move these items over-seas.

Tennis shoes that CHA students, staff, and parents donated.
 There are boots and sandals too which are not shown!

  The second graders really jumped in and took a lot of 
responsibility for this great project!

shoes and donations all packed!

CHA students and staff praying for a successful trip to Hands and Feet!
We are so blessed by this great family school family!

Thank you to those who prayed, paid, donated, helped, etc to make this missions trip a success! GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME! :)

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