Thursday, December 31, 2015


 (Grand Goave, Haiti - Hands and Feet Children's villages)

I hit snooze this morning...then woke up a few minutes later to Drew hugging me and whispering in my ear, "Happy 10 years! I couldn't have dreamed of marrying a wife as amazing as you." Talk about MAKING MY DAY! I am a huge "words" love language is words of affirmation all the way...

Today...I have been married to this guy...for 10 years. TEN YEARS! I cannot believe how the time has flown by. 10 years ago, we said I DO. We had met just 10 months earlier and dated over the phone, from TX to MI for three hours a night for a week. We talked God, missions, children, what we visioned the rest of our individual lives looking like and realized that with the similiar visions God had given us for what our lives were to look like, we could learn to love each i moved to Texas and moved in with his parents, to date my fiance in person before we got married lol...and the rest is history in the making. There were no butterflies. Crazy sounding - i know. But there was a huge desire to spend time together and serve God together with our family however God leads for the rest of our lives. Best commitment I have ever made. Life-long. Forever. No Regrets. No turning back. Everybody's life has challenges...that's how we grow. Nothing worth having is easy. But life is good. God is good. Serving him is good! And I have the best man ever to serve God alongside. His passion for missions and desire to lead our family to Love God and Love People is constant. I love you Drew and I am such a lucky girl that God gave me YOU!

I thank my God every time i remember you! - Philippians 1:3

2015 Review

WOW...When I started 2015 last January, I would have never predicted that God would have brought me to the place that I SO many different areas of my life. 2015 was definitely an amazing year. One that I would repeat in a heartbeat.

I started last January in a 2k square foot house with a LOAD of excess/clutter. I had been trying to organize that clutter for...ALL MY LIFE...and in January, it clicked. You can't organize excess. And taking care of excess takes away from things/relationships that matter. One evening, as I listened to some TEDx talks on youtube on minimalism, the lightbulb turned on that I need to get rid of what I don't use/need. Have/keep only what I use and let the rest go. Believe it or not, I am still working on this, but this is where my large strides of decluttering began. Joshua Becker quickly became my favorite minimalist speaker. He can be found at You can also find him on Facebook. Crazy-inspiring Christian, husband, and dad.

We also started raising money to take our family of 5 to Haiti in January. Our goal was to raise $7500 by the end of August for our trip in October. We put the word out and started to search for fundraising ideas.

A friend came by and wrote us a check for $1500 for our trip to Haiti. God had blessed them. They wanted to bless us. WOW GOD...that's a huge chunk of change. And a real servant of Christ. God is good!

MARCH 2015
Drew went to Tres Dias...he had put this off for EIGHT years. He went skeptical and came back on fire for God and to lead our family, as well as extremely motivated to move back to P-town. So we started praying about moving back and discussing the pros/cons and weighing our options.

APRIL 2015
Yes, I had still been on a minimizing rampage since January. The bug didn't go away. I had cleaned out my house so much, that my friends would walk in and ask where on earth everything had gone lol! It felt so refreshing and peaceful (kinda like that feeling you have when you go on a vacation and walk into a hotel with just your bare necessities...well some of us lol). With all the stuff I decluttered, along with a chunk of donations from some friends for our trip, I took part in our city's huge consignment sale. God provided beyond what I prayed for from that sale. I prayed for 2k to go toward our Haiti trip...and he gave me a couple hundred more! Did I say God is GOOD!? If it's in his plan...he WILL PROVIDE!

After that sale and one more donation, we were FULLY FUNDED! and that was FOUR MONTHS EARLY! So I contacted a very good friend of the family who has been to Haiti many times and asked her if she would go along with us if God continued to provide enough for her too. The answer was yes of course!

MAY 2015
We made the leap to move to P-town. A friend of a friend was selling by owner at a price better than we dreamed we would find so we took the deal! Here's the craziness....remember my house waS 2K Square feet? Well this one is ONLY 850! This would not have been very possible if I had not let go of my stuff when i did. God was working all along. ...GOD IS GOOD! :D This adjustment was still extremely hard the first week and probaby a few after that. I am a city girl used to my house space....suddenly in the country stuck in an unfinished box that felt nothing like home. And it was raining constantly with red dirt right outside my door that consistently kept my floors and shoes the same color. It. was. rough. But I held on to the FACTS. I KNEW God had led us here. I KNEW God used Drew's leadership to do so. I KNEW in following Drew and trusting this was the right decision, I was following God. I KNEW that I could rest in the fact that we had done the right thing, and the right thing is not promised to be easy. But I wondered how I would ever persevere lol. BUT I ALSO KNEW...that GOD IS GOOD :D.

JUNE 2015
I had been planning to homeschool my kids with the upcoming school year. I had been a stay at home mom the last 8 years with no plans to change that. UNTIL...I got a phone call from my friend/former boss...asking me if I was interested in teaching PE MWF. I excitedly discussed the option with my husband and it was a no-brainer. I was so excited at this perfect opportunity!

JULY 2015
Took our annual trip to Michigan and had  blast :D.

God provided more than enough for our friend to go to Haiti with us!!! :D

I started teaching PE. My kids started school. This has been the BEST DECISION EVER for our famiy! And this job is my dream job. I LOVE IT! Our staff is amazing. I love my students like my own kids. My kids love going to school every day and were actually bummed about how long Christmas break was lol! LIFE IS GOOD! GOD IS GOOD!

I think I have as much fun as the kids do in PE - if not more ;).

I attended Tres Dias where God magnified how much he LOVES me. Amazing time.

Preparing to go to Haiti!! God provided a crazy-huge abundance of donations through the school i am teaching at...along with the luggage to carry it with us! Because God is good! And HE makes a way to do HIS work!

We had an amazing family missions trip to Haiti - it went smoother with 3 kids than my wildest imagination. God no doubt had his hand in the whole thing. My kids LOVED Haiti. And they often ask when they can go back. <3

God provided numerous occasions for us to share his story about what he is doing in Haiti with various churches/groups. He is doing great things!

WATCHING my kids perform in their Christmas play, I hold back tears, and am reminded AGAIN HOW BLESSED I AM to be where God has brought me and my family.

We are in a city we didn't expect to move back to, in a tiny house we never expected to live in, on acerage we never thought we would own, working a job i never planned to end up with, with my kids in an amazing school we never expected to be at, at a great church we didn't know we would end up at, blessed with new and old friends that I can't imagine doing life without. NONE OF THIS was pre-planned by us. But ALL OF THIS was planned and known by God. I am so glad that his ways are not our ways. I am so glad we were flexible to the "craziness" of his plan. I am so glad we took risks, at times didn't play it "safe," and followed him. This year was the best adventure yet and I am so excited to see how God KEEPS working in 2016 :D.