Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I get comments about how great we are to take on foster kids...and the fact we want to adopt these kids makes us look like superstars in the eyes of some onlookers. And THAT, my friends,  we are NOT. We are simply followers of Christ pursuing what our amazing God has called us to. We in ourselves are not equipped for this. We live in 864 square feet. Have 3 bio kids, 1 foster kid, and hope to adopt four in our near or maybe distant future. 

We do not posses in our hands what we need for this adventure...BUT WE HAVE A GREAT GOD! All we need is Gods problem. What he has called us to, he will provide. Such as the incredible family to walk along side us and foster some of our kids until we have a bigger house....this family had become so much more than family to us! We have a connection with them that is God-created. 

WE DO NOT HAVE THE SPACE...but God has already provided a bigger house and the downpayment we need as we are about to close as God breaks down the obstacles that the enemy is trying to use to slow us down and discourage us. This is God's victory and God's got this!

WE DO NOT HAVE THE FINANCES TO RAISE THIS MANY KIDS BY AMERICAN DREAM STANDARDS...and the enemy is zapping $$ with two mortgages coming up until we sell our other property. But it's God's resources and he promises to provide...beyond our wildest imagination. Money isn't everything. The American Dream isn't everything. What's eternal cannot be achieved with $$.

WE DO NOT HAVE THE ENERGY. Raising seven kids from 2-14 even part time is hard. Exhausting. And rewarding. When a teen comes to you and asks you to do Bible study with her. When the two year old says "hold you" and melts into your neck. These are Jesus hugs😍. How much he embraces me through his ministry! While the "suffering/struggle" is great. The reward is great. Kingdom living. Not to mention we have amazing friends by our side helping us! 

WE HAVE FRIDGES AND MOWERS AND CARS AND WHAT SEEMS LIKE EVERYTHING BREAKING DOWN. Our freezer dying and with no money to replace and two friends have offered their extra fridges for us to use free! Drew tried for 2 months to fix our mower and a friend gave us their extra mower! We were rear-ended this summer...but the $ helped make buying a bigger house to house these orphans possible! What the enemy means for bad, God uses for good!

 WE DO NOT HAVE A BIG ENOUGH VEHICLE TO HOLD OUR GROWING FAMILY. God will provide when it's a necessity :). 

WE DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE TO RAISE 7+ KIDS...We don't know what to do with teenagers (and we are taking on two!). But we do have God and he gives wisdom in each situation. and friends who have been there :). 

We do not know what tomorrow holds. 
But we have God's people in our church surrounding us and praying, talking, reaching out, giving food, washing our car, being the body of Christ to us and these kids... etc. 

BY FAITH we put two of the kids in Christian School...trusting God to provide the funds. GUESS WHAT!? The school bill is half paid before the end of September from known and anonymous donors! That's almost 5k from Gods people!!!

Until we step out in faith and walk where we know we cannot walk or survive alone we have yet to experience this realm of Gods power and grace.

We do know God has planned these good works for us before time began and HE is the one directing our path as we seek his guidance and the next step on a daily basis. Sometimes one little moment and tear at a time. 

The struggle is real. This lifestyle isn't easy. This lifestyle is HARD. But this lifestyle has been the most rewarding experience and example of the body of Christ working together EVER.

Your calling may or may not be to foster or adopt. God's callings are individual and nobody's calling will be exactly the same. He has you where you are for HIS purpose. We cannot look at what somebody else is doing for Christ and strive to be that person. Let them inspire you to seek God whole heartedly but don't try to be them. Try to be like Jesus. Seek him. Follow him one step at a time. And in doing that you will make the eternal difference he has called you to make from before time began. Have faith and do what he has called you to do - it's crazy, insane, people question you...but there's no other place I would rather be than in God's crazy, insane, humanly-speaking un-abtainable will. :)

We are not amazing. But God is amazing. And without all his people surrounding us and functioning as his hands and feet these kids and our family would not be where we are.  God gets all the glory as we live out HIS STORY in our lifetime. I hope this inspires you to seek him too! He comes through exceedingly, abundantly, beyond our wildest imagination (eph 3:20). Just remember...it's HIS TIMING.

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